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sasasasJustRaymona™ Inc. is the brainchild of Just Raymona, created in 1995. JustRaymona is a native of Richmond, Virginia. It's very easy to see where the quiet, understated elegance and inspiration derives from in her clothing. Since the age of 12,JustRaymona has been designing and making her own clothes. She started professionally doing alterations and tailoring in various upscale men's shops in Richmond, Virginia. At fourteen years of age, the first bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses were created for her first private client.   

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While completing studies at the American College of London and Atlanta, JustRaymona started modeling on the runway and studio work in various fashions in Paris, London, Milan, New York, etc. At the same time earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising she worked as a house mannequin for London's foremost royal designer Emilio Pucci in addition to picking up notes, techniques and teachings from William "Bill" Travilla.

sasasUpon coming to New York to live fulltime in 1986,JustRaymona became the admiral at the helm of Fahrenheit New York, a women's accessory company that was 3 months old at the time. She designed, produced and sold for the company before taking over as Production Manager. After leaving Fahrenheit, JustRaymona took on the daily operations of Debra Moises, Ltd. on Seventh Avenue. Handling the hectic pace of all phases of production, hiring & firing employees, dealing with the various contractors, shipping and receiving,JustRaymona also handled all New York Specialty accounts! Debra Moises was both clothing and accessories. Even though the hours were grueling, the experience in the 2 1/2 years were great and would prove to be serve her well, later as she embarked in this business on her own!

While at Debra Moises, JustRaymona in the evenings and on the weekends started blocking and designing millinery. JustRaymona was the only apprentice ever trained by Mr. Horace Weeks of Peter and Irving in Mr. Weeks 55 years of existence as a prominent force in the millinery industry. The millinery experience served well in landing freelance positions with David Inc., Eric Javits & Flipped Lids. Inc., all leading millinery companies in New York City.

In 1995 JustRaymona Inc. was born. While selling millinery to the likes of Bergdorf Goodman, Bonwit Teller, etc.JustRaymona took the custom bridal industry by storm! JustRaymona became known best for her one of a kind, elegant but functional "bridal gowns"; beading, laces, silks or satin at below major designer prices. In 1996 and 1997, JustRaymona . Bridal gowns could be purchased exclusively at Brava Boutique in Forest Hills. Her bridal line was also introduced to the Japanese Apparel Market. JustRaymona's first love (if asked) is leather and suede garments. Her one of kind creations in leather and suede leaves one breathless and wondering ...."Is that silk or jersey or .... Oh my its leather!!!!" Her leather skills were perfected about 15 years ago. Four years were spent working with Sea Dream Leather and traveling three years for the North Beach Leather Stores. As Head Designer, she over-saw the production of their designer line and one of a kind pieces for their VIP clientele.

On November 8,1997 at the Sculpture Gallery in the heart of the East Village, the public was officially introduced to JustRaymona NY. She debuted her first custom showing to the likes of Vibe Magazine editor, the New York Times, the Daily News, Latina Magazine, a host of entertainment personalities and recording industry. The night proved a wonderful success. So well received in fact that JustRaymona NY's next showing was promoted and sponsored by an entertainment group. The showing on November 8,1998, exactly one year later, was hosted at the swank Spy Bar in Soho. This showing showcased more of JustRaymona NY new younger, fresher clothing line to a far greater urban audience hence the introduction of en.v!

1998 JustRaymona started patternmaking for the garment industry and up and coming designers. Now designers that need patternmaking services and samples made have a place to come to see there sketches come tolife for their showrooms and the major shows. This year also issued in the Fashion Stylist division of the corporation. She has been sought after for video wardrobes, personal artist imaging and even costumes for Broadway. Now entertainers can have a full look developed for work as well as play and even bridal when the play is just the beginning!

JustRaymona is truly a tireless energetic spirited sister that is still on the move! But this is not quite the middle of her Journey! So keep an eye open, an ear to the word because JustRaymona is only half the way there. Her journey still has many roads to go down and turns to make.... And you can bet YOU WILL BE HEARING and SEEING HER..

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JustRaymona for the past 20 years has been making first Patterns and Samples for Designers as well as up and coming new designers. JustRaymona is still one of the few old world with a younger/fresh take on pattern making; that drape from sketches, make the first pattern and can stitch the sample.

Quite a few have been produced for The Seventh on Six Designer for the Bryant Park Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Many Patterns and Samples have been made for Fashion Stylist that couldn't find what they wanted for their Artists. So they come to JustRaymona and she gets the job done!




Associate Designers

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  • Lady Gaga
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Personal Custom Styling

The JR Signature Collection is the latest division that offers Better Priced, Designer pieces. JustRaymona has always wanted to offer Real Women lol (Plus Size women) everything in wardrobe from Business casual to Designer and even Bridal. 2016 here we are launching in April some Fall n Winter looks!

Being “Plus Size” does not mean having “Less” style. With over 20 years in the fashion industry JustRaymona™ takes you from following trends to setting trends with her Custom Styling Services.

What is Custom Styling? Custom Styling differs from Conventional Styling because by not just creating the looks for you but by also making the clothing pieces to meet your specific body type. Each piece is one of a kind because it is tailor made for you. No longer are you forced to buy a look off the rack and not achieve the right fit and feel that your curvy body deserves.

Enjoy a private fitting (in-home or in-studio) to create custom looks that are based on your taste and budget. Build a new wardrobe or create a stunning look for a special event or for being fabulous in and out of the office.

JustRaymona™  offers styling for you and your bridal party. After she gets to know you, your style and the theme of your wedding,  JustRaymona™  recommends vendors and assists you in selecting the perfect attire & accessories to create a look that is timeless for the big day. Styling for boudoir shoots, engagement sessions and honeymoon wardrobe is also available. Lady in waiting services available as well.



Bridal Styling

JustRaymona™  offers styling for you and your bridal party. After she gets to know you, your style and the theme of your wedding,  JustRaymona™  recommends vendors and assists you in selecting the perfect attire & accessories to create a look that is timeless for the big day. Styling for boudoir shoots, engagement sessions and honeymoon wardrobe is also available. Lady in waiting services available as well.



As Fashion Stylist

JustRaymona™ has worked with some of the entertainment industries top stylists.  Misa Hylton-Brim of Shyna Doll Enterprise, June Ambrose, Bad Boy Entertainment, etc.  The vast difference between us JustRaymona™ and regular stylists is that any look an be achieved. Rather than being limited to what can be brought or borrowed from showrooms, we can create and develop a full line of clothing for touring, something for video shoots, or even everyday wardrobes for an Artist and Entertainer.  It can be a look in leather, suede, silk or beaded or even just a high end denim outfit (our specialty!).  If you can think it or draw it, we can create it here at JustRaymona™. 



Give us a call!!
We also work with up and coming Artists as well! 

Just A few of our Clients

Lady Gaga / singer
Phyllis Hyman / song legend
M. Nahadr / Performance Artist
Lil Kim / rap artist *
Busta Rhymes / rap artist *
Eve / actress/rap artist *
Mark Johnson / basketball player
DMX / rap artist
Total / singers/rap artists
Queen Pen / rap artist
Big Mike / rap artist
Dream / singing group *
Brigitte Charlton / singer
Lil Mo / rap artist *
Nicole / singer/rap artist *

...and many more!
*(asterisk) indicates work done through Stylist



Along with starring in the first season of Lifetime’s “24 Hour Catwalk” JustRaymona has been featured in
Vibe Magazine, New York Times, Daily News, Latina Magazine along with having done interviews with
ABC Morning News, Fox New and The Urban Wall Street Project to name a few.

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en.v new york is the one of a few clothing lines to offer separates, suits and combinations to build a complete wardrobe. Our line focuses totally on fit, style and selection. en.v new york is the only full size women’s clothing line that has a COO that is the designer with 18 years of pattern making and over 20 years of construction experience. This means the clothes are produced with the utmost quality, the design lines are stylish but simple, the construction, functional yet complimentary to the woman with more curves.

Our mission is to provide full figured women with fashionable clothing that’s for so long eluded them. Our clothing is stylish, figure flattering and affordable.  Please take a moment to browse www.envnewyork.com where you may purchase some of our clothing for yourself. This online shopping site is exclusively for the woman with “Real Curves”!


VISIT:  www.envnewyork.com









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New York, New York
Call:  917-592-2200

E-mail: justraymona@AOL.com

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